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KEK Y LEONG (Callie)

Callie is the owner of Calise Consultancy and as a Certified Estate Agent has extensive experience in helping clients achieve their real estate goals. 

Living in this beautiful city for over 20 years, Callie has further strengthened her knowledge on local areas allowing her the ability to deliver the premium results, as does her outstanding business qualifications and gift for connecting with people at all levels. 

Callie is a consummate professional with exceptional sales abilities, with all her sales carried out efficiently and effectively to the satisfaction of her clients. It is no surprise that Callie is followed by a long list of satisfied customers who reward her performance with a steady stream of referrals and repeat business.

​A genuine people person, Callie’s passion for the real estate industry is fuelled by the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of people. She enjoys the fast paces and excitement of the industry and thrives on its many challenges. 

​Malaysian-born, Callie Leong brings a strong understanding of Asian culture to the Calise Consultancy. She can converse in multi languages, Cantonese, Mandarin, Bahasa etc. that give her advantages to interact with her buyer. Her cultural awareness, combined with her extensive experience working in real estate, provide Callie with a truly unique set of skills. She is a perceptive negotiator who understands the social subtleties of Asian culture and can work as an intermediary between local vendors and international buyers.


(Callie) Kek Y Leong is a registered License Estate Agent with the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) as well as a member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV).

Callie started her career in real estate in 2009. In 2011, she set up Calise Consultancy, which she now owns and operates. Her experience within the real estate industry include both buy side and sell side transactions, where she utilises close to twenty years of sales and marketing experience, along with her personal and professional network of contacts within the real estate industry to help her clients achieve their real estate goals. 

Her professional experience includes:

•    Project Marketing for property developers.

•    Selling houses, apartments and townhouses on behalf of homeowners and investors.

•    Buyer advocacy for homebuyers and investors.

Project Marketing For Property Developers

As a real estate agent, Callie assists property developers to market off-the-plan projects to potential buyers. Since starting her consultancy, she has helped property developers market and sold billions dollars worth of real estate, ranging from apartment units to townhouses, to both homebuyers as well as local and overseas investors.

Utilising her twenty years of experience in sales and marketing, Callie serves as the intermediary between developers of real estate projects and the buyers, facilitating the sale process from lead generation to presenting the project and signing of contracts.

Selling Property On Behalf of Homeowners and Investors

Throughout her career as a real estate agent, Callie has helped vendors sold over $10s billions worth of real estate across Victoria. Her successes include selling houses, apartments and townhouses in the following locations within Metropolitan Melbourne in:

•   North; 

•   South;

•   East; and

•   West.


As an agent to vendors, her experience includes:

•    Providing expert advice to vendor on what to expect when listing a property for sale.

•    Listing and advertising properties, either for Private Sale or at Auction.

•    Providing advice to vendor on how to enhance the aesthetics of their property for maximum appeal.

•    Facilitating the use of interior decorators to enhance the presentation of the property.

•    Presenting the property for open inspection.

•    Negotiating on behalf of vendor.

•    Facilitate contract signing and holding the deposit on trust on behalf of both buyer and vendor.

Buyer Advocacy

On the buy side, Callie serves as a buyer advocate who helps both home owners and investors acquire the property of their choice at a price that is well within their budget. Tapping into her personal and professional network of conveyancing lawyers, mortgage brokers, financiers and property developers, Callie is able to assist buyers through the end-to-end process of acquiring real estate.

As a buyer advocate, Callie has access to relevant valuable information to help buyers make an informed decision prior to any purchase. 

She assists with:

•  Providing expert advice on the buy process.

•  Conducting due diligence.

•  Providing buyers with property information and relevant statistics such as historical and current sale                   prices on comparable properties.

•   Attending auctions and bidding on behalf of buyer.

•   Negotiation on behalf of buyer.

 Drawing on her wide range of experience in the real estate industry, combined with close to twenty years of sales and marketing experience, Callie knows the importance of understanding her client’s needs and objectives. She works closely with her clients to help them with every aspect of the buying or selling process. Nothing makes her happier than a client who attains their real estate goal with her help.